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15 Jun

Dylan Wiggins and Buddy Bockers link up at Apex Skatepark.

Posted by Big Dana

Super hot day at the park with Dylan Wiggins and Buddy Bockers.  Stoked on the video especially since it was filmed spontaneously in a single session with an iphone.  We hope you enjoy.


Punk AF by The American Analog Set
Separation by Cloud Nothings

01 Jan

The Anarchy 36 w/ Dana Mazer

Posted by Big Dana in anarchy36, cruiser, downhill, laissezfaire, skateboard, uncw

 What's up skate community, Vincent Eng typing here, I had a blast making this video with Dana. All the footage in this video was filmed in one day on the Anarchy 36" board, Dana killed it all day and still had enough energy to shred the backyard mini ramp before dinner. If you're looking for a do it all skateboard the Anarchy 36" is that wood for you. Happy New Year everyone, cheers!

- Vince 

Less wheel bite! The Anarchy Series is our double kicked high performance cruiser featuring larger wheelbase options for more stability and flared wheel wells for skating larger wheels. This series can be used to skate street, parks, bowls, hills, tech slide, or just cruise.    

36" long
9.125 wide
18" WB

7ply maple

26 Jan

Warmonger Giveaway - Instagram Contest

Posted by Big Dana in #warmonger, lfsurfco, longboard

Follow us on Instagram @lfsurfco and enter to win a free Warmonger.  Below are the details:  


Want to win a free Warmonger deck? It's simple! Just follow us @lfsurfco, share/repost this photo, tag @lfsurfco and 4 of your skater friends, and use the hashtag #LFWarmongerGiveAway. We appreciate you helping us get the word out and Good Luck! This board is sick!!! We will announce a winner the second week of February. #lfsurfco

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